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So you think you want a GSD Puppy:

I assume that since you are already looking at our web site - you have decided that a German Shepherd would be a great addition to your family. They are wonderful dogs - but like most breeds, they have been bred to exhibit certain physical and temperamental attributes. They do shed, they are big, they do come with a long busy tail..... and they do make decisions regarding friendlies and suspected unfriendlies.

These dogs take a long time to mature, both physically and mentally. If you are expecting a cracker jack obedience or agility dog - you will have a long wait to get the mental acumen that many expect as soon as their pups lose their puppy look. An 8- 10 month old looks like an adult, but is far from being one.

Lets assume that you are committed to the rigor of the 100 rule: 100 new faces & places in the pups first 100 days in your home..... you have a fenced yard (important for a dog who lives for boundaries and perimeters), and you aren't running a day care center with lots of strangers coming in to pick up their children on a daily basis. GSD's really frown on "predators" (parents) coming into the "graze" (home or yard) and taking off with their flock (children).

I place my puppies at 10 to 12 weeks of age.  The puppies receive their first series of shots and full physicals at six weeks and have been wormed at three, five, and seven weeks of age.  Since most pups go through their first fear stage around 8 - 9 weeks, that is the worst time to separate them from their littermates and familiar surroundings. I have found that we have much better success of producing dogs with sounder temperaments and behavior when they are with their pack until 10 to 12 weeks of age. Also that coincides with the correct time for their 2nd series of puppy shots - a perfect reason to take them in for their first trip to the vet with their new owners.

I sell all companion puppies with AKC Limited Registration that can be amended after they have received OFA certification on hips & elbows and are free of any disqualifying faults.  Show prospects are sold on co-ownerships only. I offer a 72-hour warranty from the time you receive your puppy in which you are encouraged to take it to your veterinarian for a pre-purchase examination.  If you or your vet is unhappy with the puppy for whatever reason, you are free to return it (at your expense) and receive a full refund of your purchase price.  I also offer a hip and health guarantee - if the pup fails to OFA or develops a congenital condition, you are entitled to a replacement puppy/dog of equal of greater value at a time mutually acceptable to both buyer and seller.

Upcoming & Available Litters: We are excited about 2 litters that are in the works at present. GCH Terra Norte's Night Time in Nevada PT welcomed her litter sired by 2015 Futurity Victor 2x SEL EX GCH Bomar Agon de Rancho Backachers on December 10, 2017. The 5 pups include 1 sable boy, 1 sable girl,
1 black Girl, 1 black and tan girl and a black and tan boy.

Our second litter was born on December 16, 2017. Their parents are our major pointed Terra Norte's Beautiful Girl v Animus "Flyer" who was bred to GCH Nevada's brother Terra Norte's Round-up Time in Texas PT "Texas". Flyer is a CH Didi daughter sired by our black Terra Norte's He's The Wizard "Jackson". Flyer's litter of 6 has something for everyone: Sables, solid blacks, black and tans, boys and girls. While these puppies are futurity nominated and will do well in the conformation ring, they are available to approved companion and preformance homes.

Other litters planned for 2018 -