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What makes a Terra Norté German Shepherd Dog:

German Shepherds have been part of my life since the very beginning.  My first German Shepherd Dog, Primo – was a 6 month old puppy when I entered the family. The bond that formed between the two of us was the beginning of a deep, lasting love of the breed. Since that time, there has always been a black & tan, black or bi-color that has served as my constant companion and protector.

In 1984, the beginnings of Terra Norte’ took root. It had been my dream to breed and exhibit quality German Shepherd dogs. To produce sound dogs capable of being family companion while adhering to the standard of the ideal German Shepherd. Though I started with German-bred dogs, over time I have evolved towards American-bred lines. I have been fortunate to have dogs who showed their intelligence and trainability while receiving obedience titles, dogs who showed their prowess in the herding arena and those found to embody the ideal conformation and character necessary to be awarded the title of Champion.

In 1992, I waded into the herding arena with my first AKC conformation Champion Hickory Hill's Excalibur PT "Magic". The hardest part was to find a trainer who understood how GSDs think in regards to working livestock. Most of the trainers I came into contact were of the opinion that GSDs ate sheep. Or worse expected them to work like Border Collies. Our dogs address stock work in a much different manner. First with CH Magic and then later CH Bo Peep, CH Ethan, CH Vado, CH Tag, CH Tina, Norah, and many others we have bred working herding dogs (We have put herding titles on 34 homebred dog as of Oct 2021).

While I do compete in the conformation ring, it is my philosophy to breed dogs that will be treasured family companions. My goal is to provide individuals with dogs that will be members of their families for years to come. It is also my goal to help educate those desiring to add one of these incredible animals to their households and make certain that they are deserving of one who has “the look of eagles”.